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Liquid Antiquity @ Benaki Museum
by 2K1 Ltd.

A project that explores the possibility of reinventing classicism and argues for its enduring influence on contemporary art.

Drinking Posh Water with Ben Elliot
by Ibai Gorriti

He has just released the third installment of tbh i dunno if i have feelings in collaboration with Voda Voda

Documenta 14: Learning from Athens
by 2K1 Ltd.

How are art and its institutions made public and part of the common good?

Zeynep Guntas: Subdue Your Mind
by 2K1 Ltd.

A collection developed in the context of the late 2016 Istanbul attacks.

learning from Davos
by 2K1 Ltd.

Did the global elite’s devotion to borderless capitalism sow the seeds of a populist backlash?

what to expect from 2017
by 2K1 Ltd.

While we don’t know what to expect from it in the political realm, we bet the new year will be terrific in aesthetics.

Best of Menswear S/S17
by Elvedin

A comprehensive recap from Europe’s last masculine collections.

Art Changes, We Change: The new Tate Modern
by Kate Goodrum

Meet the Switch House, Tate Modern’s new extension, a dramatic twisted pyramid by Herzog & de Meuron