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  Vol. II, #1 — F/W 2017

  featuring: to be announced...

Faucon Friedlander Special by Yulya Shadrinsky

by Nombre

Exclusive editorial by Yulya Shadrinsky

Diversity Matters

by Elvedin

Being a white runway model in fashion world have long time been a norm. But some designers are trying to change the game or perhaps changed the game.


Dictionary Of Online Behavior & The future of communication

with Alexander Voulgaris

An online interactive project that visualizes our online behavior with a very unique playful but accurate style.


Real Time

with Nombre

We live in a state of permanent connection that leads to the anxiety of being part of a present that is not our own but one described by the media and social networks.

Wonder (Seven pools)

by Nombre

The first personal project by Vincenzo Simone conceived for the gallery space.


by Nombre

Co-curated by Simon Castets and Hans Ulrich Obrist

Saskia Noor Van Imhoff #+23.00

by Nombre

Van Imhoff combines artworks from the depot, replicas, and everyday objects, juxtaposing them without any kind of hierarchy.


A Day at Home with Rick Owens

with Alan Brethaud

American designer Rick Owens expatriated to France 14 years ago to build a reclusive empire in Paris’ Seventh…